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so happy easter...can i say "bah humbug?" does that apply to any holiday or just to christmas? either way...currently, my family is a t church...i (obviously) am not with them because i talked one of my co-workers into switching with me so i could work today, but i don't start until 11, so here i am. I'm happy and i can relax now because i'm not sitting over there in that building...stress free = nice

even tho i can't stand anything about my former religion, for some reason i found myself sitting in my living room last night watching the old "Ten Commandments" with charlton heston as moses...i just like the movie, heh. But anyway, i found myself wondering something...why didn't their god just raise moses to be pharoah? it seems like he took the long root, letting ramses banish moses to the desert, etc...why not just let him be pharoah then visit him i na dream or something...then moses could smite the egyptians...simple as that...i might just be crazy, but their god (if it existed) sure liked to make them suffer...bondage, 40 years in the desert...geez

and then they came up with this new version...where instead of the servant memnet telling nefertiri moses is a slave when he's 30-ish so that nefertiri won't marry him, memnet tells Bithia (his "adopted" mom to send moses to see where he came from at the age of 9-ish...i stopped watching right then and there...the people who made the new one had absolutely no regard for history...the pharoahs gaurds would never let a young future pharoah wander around amongst slaves...let alone let to be taught about abrahams andbe screamed at by moses' real father...i doubt it....has anyone else seen any of this new one? it's ridiculous.

i'm done rambling now, i think, gotta get to work to avoid any possible easter festivities :P
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