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Mr. Horse


Hello fellow atheists, My name is James, I'm 24, from Louisville Kentucky. i live in a fairly progressive city so I don't have many of the problems small town atheists would typically have. Its interesting how that would even make a difference... Anyway, I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic gradeschool and highschool. Since I was 12 I have memories of rejecting what I have been taught and what others have them. My family is very Catholic, but i accept their beliefs and personally I accept them on a personal basis.

There reaches a conflict point when someone you love believes in a fairy tale and you have seen the hate, destruction and fear that comes out of such a belief. I have always wanted to rationally explain the absence of god to people I love but there reaches a point when they refuse to listen. Usually the issue is that the arguement matter is based in scientific/anthropological notions that they have never heard of.

In closing, I think the purpose of Christianity is to erase the humanness of people and to order society into more of an "Orwellian" model. The problem is, I don't even think priests and other religious oficials even understand this anymore. I think it was one of those secrets the founders of civilization understood about humanity that has been long forgotten. So today, the church serves only as a social vice rather than how it did in the middle ages.
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