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Well, I just joined this, and just wanted to give a Hello.
Also I saw someone post below about the mockingbirds going on display and it reminded me of something.
I was in rehab back in March, and in this you are required to find a higher power, I don't under stand why but apparently you are not recovered if you don't. So the councilor asked me if I found one yet, I said no, I don't believe in such things. First she laughs at me, and says in a very sarcastic way and says so you're a 'Darwinist'? I really just wanted to hit her. I said no, I just don't believe in a god. So after that she told me I wouldn't be released until I picked a higher power, I reported her, since you are by law not aloud to do things like this biased on religious belief, nothing happened and the whole board there said I wouldn't be let out until I picked one.

I got myself kicked out. I didn't do anything, I wouldn't go to the ten step groups, and my only reason was I'm waiting for God to make me go.

I thought only us Antithesis were the mean, hateful, thick headed people that hates everyone who likes region. Ha.

I feel bad for the rest of the kids there, they are forcing them into religion when its not even a religious place.

Some things, I just don't understand..

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