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slit my wrists

Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins - Conversation about Science Religion and... [03 Apr 2015|10:34am]

slit my wrists

Atheist Matt Dillahunty vs Father Hans Jacobse Debate Morality Religion ... [03 Apr 2015|10:26am]

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discrimination? [19 Nov 2010|06:32pm]

I work in a 24/7 facility. While making up the schedule one of the mangers said "for xmas schedule f45one he's an atheist"

Now I'm single and without children so I usually volunteer to work "family" holidays so that my co-workers can get their QT.

have any of you been discriminated against because of your perceived lack of outside commitments?

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Long, Sorry Don't Know How To LJ Cut... [30 Apr 2010|11:03am]

Happy Friday Everyone...

Just wanted to share this.....

"To view the pursuit of greater equality as a process of shoe-horning societies into an uncomfortably tight-fitting shoe reflects a failure to recognize our human social potential. If we understood our social needs and susceptibilities we would see that a less unequal societies causes dramatically lower rates of ill-health and social problems because it provides us with a better-fitting shoe.

Mirror neurons are a striking example of how our biology establishes us as deeply social beings. When we watch someone doing something, mirror neurons in our brains fire as if to produce the same actions. The system is likely to have developed to serve learning by imitation. Watching a person doing a particular sequence of actions - one research paper uses the example of a curtsey - as an external observer, does not tell you how to do it yourself nearly as well as if your brain was acting as if you were making the same movements in sympathy. To do the same thing you need to experience it from inside.

Usually, of course, there is no visible sign of the internal processes of identification that enable us to put ourselves inside each other's actions. However, the electrical activity triggered by these specialized neurons is detectable in the muscles. It has been suggested that similar processes might be behind our ability to empathize with each other and even behind the way people sometimes flinch while watching a film if they see pain inflicted on someone else. We react as if it were happening to us. Though equipped with the potential to empathize very closely with others, how much we develop and use this potential is again affected by early childhood.

Another example of how our biology dovetails with the nature of social relations involves a hormone called oxytocin and its effects on our willingness to trust each other. People in more unequal societies are much less likely to trust each other. Trust is of course an important ingredient in any society, but it becomes essential in modern developed societies with a high degree of interdependence.

In many different species, oxytocin affects social attachment and bonding, both bonding between mother and child, and pair-bond between sexual partners. Its production is stimulated by physical contact during sexual intercourse, in childbirth and in breastfeeding where it controls milk let-down. However, in a number of mammalian species, including humans, it also has a role in social interaction more generally, affecting approach and avoidance behaviour.

The effects of oxytocin on people's willingness to trust each other was tested in an experiment involving a trust game(http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v435/n7042/full/nature03701.html). The results showed that those given oxytocin were much more likely to trust their partner. In similar experiments it was found that these effects worked both ways round: not only does receiving oxytocin make people more likely to trust, but being trusted also leads to increases in oxytocin. These effects were found even when the only evidence of trust or mistrust between people was the numerical decisions communicated through computer terminals(http://www.sas.upenn.edu/psych/PLEEP/pdfs/2004%20Zak%20Kurzban%20Matzner%20NYAS.pdf).

Other experiments have shown how the sense of co-operation stimulates the reward centres in the brain. The experience of mutual co-operation, even in the absence of face-to-face contact or real communication, leads reliably to stimulation of the reward centres. The researchers suggested that the neural reward networks serve to encourage reciprocity and mutuality while resisting the temptation to act selfishly. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12160756)

In contrast to the rewards of co-operation, experiments using brain scans have shown that the pain of social exclusion involves the same areas of the brain as are stimulated when someone experiences physical pain. Naomi Eisenberger, a psychologist as UCLA, got volunteers to play a computer bat-and-ball game with, as it seemed on the screen, two other participants. (http://www.neuro-psa.org.uk/download/rejection.pdf) The program was arranged so that after a while the other two virtual participants would start to pass the ball just between each other, so excluding the experimental subject. Brain scans showed that the areas of the brain activated by this experience of exclusion were the same areas as are activated by physical pain. In various species of monkeys these same brain areas have been found to play a role in offspring calling for, and mothers providing, maternal protection.

These connections have always been understood intuitively. When we talk about 'hurt feelings' or a 'broken heart' we recognize the connection between physical pain and the social pain caused by the breaking of close social bonds, by exclusion and ostracism. Evolutionary psychologists have shown that the tendency to ostracize people who do not co-operate, and to exclude them from the shared proceeds of co-operation, is a powerful way of maintaining high standards of co-operation. (http://www.amazon.com/Social-Outcast-Ostracism-Exclusion-Psychology/dp/184169424X) And, just as the ultimatum game showed that people were willing to punish a mean allocator by rejecting - at some cost to themselves - allocations that seemed unfair, so we appear to have a desire to exclude people who do not co-operate.

Social pain is of course central to rejection and is the opposite of the pleasures of being valued or of the sense of self-realization which can come from others' appreciation of what we have done for them. The powers of inclusion and exclusion indicate our fundamental need to social integration and are, no doubt, part of the explanation of why friendship and social involvemnet are so protective of health.

Social class and status differences almost certainly cause similar forms of social pain. Unfairness, inequality and the rejection of co-operation are all forms of exclusion. The experiments which demonstrated the performance effects of being classified as inferior (among Indian children in different castes, also African-American students) indicated the social pain related to exclusion. Part of the same picture is the social pain which sometimes triggers violence when people feel they are put down, humiliated or suffer loss of face.

For a species which thrives on friendship and enjoys co-operation and trust, which has a strong sense of fairness, which is equipped with mirror neurons allowing us to learn our way of life through a process of identification, it is clear that social structures which create relationships based on inequality, inferiority and social exclusion must inflict a great deal of social pain. In this light we can perhaps begin not only to see why more unequal societies are so socially dysfunctional but, through that, perhaps also to feel more confident that a more humane society may be a great deal more practical than the highly unequal ones in which so many of us live now."

THE SPIRIT LEVEL by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett pp. 210-213

slit my wrists

[27 Apr 2010|04:43pm]

First off, its a bunch of crapola I can't leave a comment on an individual post on this community board.


You feel that without religion in your life you would not have the same moral compass you do today. Well I would need to know what is included in your moral compass? Morality in America tends to follow 2 paths, one liberal and one conservative. If your a conservative your morals tend to have a theocratic element to it, pro-life, pro traditional marriage (anti gay marriage), etc. In one of the articles I posted below it does show a positive correlation between monogamous marriage and morality. I think your criticism on atheists and how they view religion may hold some merit and I myself get tired of hearing some of the same rhetorical religious arguments and prefer atheists to try and focus their attention on something else, yet like the common cold religion just keeps coming back which forces me to pull out these loop arguments and sometimes feel like a robotic message machine (strangely similar to my mission). However I think you have a lot of straw man arguments. You seem to have all atheists bundled together all holding the same position which I think the reality is much more rainbow colored and not so black and white. I am an ex-mormon, and I have friends of different faiths, I may respect them individually but I don't have to respect their beliefs. There was also an article I recently read which shows a correlation between atheism and education, the more educated a person is the more likely the person will be atheist. I don't deny Religions historical and cultural elements and I have heard some compelling arguments from cultural conservatives. The whole pledge of allegience "under god" part was added in 1953 I believe. It had to do with our leaders not wanting to be seen as communist atheist russia, its called polarization. It's like the polarization of republican/democrat, communist/fascist. To answer your question of why does it offend me(not speaking for anyone else), because you are maintaining a position that to be American you believe in god, would it offend you if it said under one "white" nation, or under one "gay" nation, or one nation under "Allah"? America was founded on freedom of religion, and separation of church and state. The word god has no place in a public school. If you want to maintain the pledge than you are outrightly disrespecting our constitution which is our nation's rulebook.

"Why does a nativity scene drive you into such a rage that you'd go as far as to sue someone for putting it up?"

Do you have a news source to back this up. Was the nativity seen placed in a government building? Are lawsuits being filed on a regular basis from atheist communities? Again, you are implying every atheist holds this position that the sight of a nativity scene angers us. That we desire to wage war against religion.

"It seems like as a community, we, the atheists, seem to want to abolish any form of religion in some fashion I can only imagine under a dictatorship."

Again where are you going with this, implying that without religion we will be controlled by a dictatorship?

"What's so horrific about the idea of coexistence? Why can't Joe the Christian and Amy the Atheist unite as human beings rather than children of God? Yes, there are a few wack job Christians/ect out there that will push their religion on you until the day they die (there are extremists in every group) but for the most part, the general faith based populous is hardly like that at all. When we try to remove their right to belief, we're no better than the zealots that started the crusades or flew two commercial airliners into the twin towers. I personally think that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they wish and I firmly feel that if we tried to accept such an idea, the atheist community would get more acceptance and respect from the rest of the world."

Why can't we all just get along? The two suicide bombers that blew themselves up and 34 others on a Russian train a little over a month ago are in heaven with 72 virgins now, while the infidels are in hell according to their doctrine I don't think they are concerned with getting along. This War On Terrorism isn't a war against terrorists, its a war against Islam but no one wants to call it that because some relgious person may get offended. I don't have an answer for you, religion/god have been around since the beginning of human recorded history beginning with the first egyptian sun god Amon Ra and all religions have some things in common, they create diversity not unity with a toxic indifference to others and they have never been able to prove god exists. Yet you want us to respect them for it? Don't pull the religious card here, you will get no religious mercy.

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Information source... [27 Apr 2010|03:29pm]

Since my boss blocked facebook from my work computer due to fear of virus's and I don't have internet at my new place I am looking for other atheist/antitheist individuals to keep me entertained while I'm "working". Here are some news articles which I hope you will all enjoy, please comment and leave any news/science sources for me to delight over so I don't have to go masterbate in the bathroom everyday just to keep me from going into a severe state of mind numbing depression.

Here are some articles I found to be very imformative and just for fun want to share them. Also, I would recommend a book The Spirit Level Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett two epidemiologists who reveal 30 years of data in regards to public health and economic inequality.

This article includes 4 other article links all worth reading in regards to altruism.

Mating strategies..

These two are in regards to the environment.


This is in regards to Chiropractics...


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[08 Nov 2009|08:22pm]

Hola. :)
Well I over the summer I wrote an entry about religion and just thought I'd share.

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Hi. [24 Aug 2009|04:34pm]


Well, I just joined this, and just wanted to give a Hello.
Also I saw someone post below about the mockingbirds going on display and it reminded me of something.
I was in rehab back in March, and in this you are required to find a higher power, I don't under stand why but apparently you are not recovered if you don't. So the councilor asked me if I found one yet, I said no, I don't believe in such things. First she laughs at me, and says in a very sarcastic way and says so you're a 'Darwinist'? I really just wanted to hit her. I said no, I just don't believe in a god. So after that she told me I wouldn't be released until I picked a higher power, I reported her, since you are by law not aloud to do things like this biased on religious belief, nothing happened and the whole board there said I wouldn't be let out until I picked one.

I got myself kicked out. I didn't do anything, I wouldn't go to the ten step groups, and my only reason was I'm waiting for God to make me go.

I thought only us Antithesis were the mean, hateful, thick headed people that hates everyone who likes region. Ha.

I feel bad for the rest of the kids there, they are forcing them into religion when its not even a religious place.

Some things, I just don't understand..

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[14 Aug 2009|05:20am]

"Why does it offend your ears to hear the words "One Nation, Under God" in the pledge of allegiance? If God is but a fairy tale to individuals like you and I, then isn't it the equivalent of swearing allegiance to the Tooth Fairy? If anything, in saying it we are respecting the views of our founding fathers when they established this country...a country made on the principle that one should be free to believe as they wish. Instead of petitioning to have it removed, why not ignore it? It's not as if the word burns you as it leaves your lips."

Several reasons - the largest being that the founding fathers had nothing to do with that line. It, along with the "In God We Trust" on our money was added in the 1950's when religious zealots insisted on it. The founding fathers declared there would be complete separation of church and state. It irks me to no end when I hear people say, "But that's not really what they meant." These were some of the most brilliant minds of the age who wrote these lines. Are you trying to tell me they were unable to articulate their true meaning?! No, they meant exactly what they said, and for good reason. So whenever I hear religion mentioned in matters of state (including election campaigns) I get very angry. This country was not founded on religion, but on freedom.

Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. I don't have an option in currency, and I shouldn't have to see a "we" that includes me proclaiming a trust in a myth. My children should not have to stand in a public school and utter an oath which includes religion in order to profess a love for country. "One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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New [18 Dec 2008|10:51pm]

[ mood | awake ]


I happened to find this community and decided to give it a look. Normally I would avoid such a community but it seems like you guys are an intelligent group. I'm often scorned and ridiculed for my methods of thought, especially in the Atheist community; thus why I generally avoid these things.

My name's Sam and I'm currently located in Southern California. I was raised Catholic and attended corresponding schools for most of my k-12 life. After giving it some serious thought and some soul searching, I decided at a relatively young age that I did not believe in the existence of the higher power known as God. Throughout most of my Catholic school career, I resented my schools and spent most of my time brooding.

After a few years, I brought myself to the conclusion that Catholic school was a very positive influence in my younger years and I'm grateful to have gone. I do feel that my sense of morality and the classic "right from wrong" mindset would not exist or at least have developed to what it is now had I not been raised as an individual of faith.

In addition to that, I've also developed a strong sense of respect for people of religious belief. For one thing, I've come to the realization that many of the more beautiful aspects of life would not have come into existence without the inspiration of faith throughout history; Just look at the poetry of the Romantic period (many of the most memorable sonnets were written about religion) or the art of the Renaissance (just look at one of the most admired sculptures in history, Dante's Gates of Hell).

Before you scorn or begin to rage at my post, I want to explain that I am far from blind to the negative aspects of religion. We're all aware that Religious belief has lead to some dark areas in history and still today causes many undesired conflicts, but I feel that it's ridiculous to only focus on those negative aspects and at least award some respect to what faith has brought us.

As a community, I think we, the atheists, tend to put too much blame on religion for the bad in the world, using it as a scapegoat for the problems in our lives. Religion has started wars in the past, yet so has greed,the quest for superiority, and the general lust for power.

While I'm on this note, I have a few questions for my fellow atheists that's always made me somewhat ashamed of belonging to this specific statistic:

Why does it offend your ears to hear the words "One Nation, Under God" in the pledge of allegiance? If God is but a fairy tale to individuals like you and I, then isn't it the equivalent of swearing allegiance to the Tooth Fairy? If anything, in saying it we are respecting the views of our founding fathers when they established this country...a country made on the principle that one should be free to believe as they wish. Instead of petitioning to have it removed, why not ignore it? It's not as if the word burns you as it leaves your lips.

Why does a nativity scene drive you into such a rage that you'd go as far as to sue someone for putting it up? Personally, when I see a nativity scene during the holidays, I simply disregard it and move on. It doesn't drive me into a fit of anger nor do I have the desire to make sure it's removed. I suppose I live on the idea that if it brings a smile to someone else's life, then it's doing some good for the world. I may not believe that Jesus Christ was some deity, but who's to say the next person driving by doesn't, and for that matter, why should we disrespect them for it?

Why is it that we seem to desire calling war on Religions? It seems like as a community, we, the atheists, seem to want to abolish any form of religion in some fashion I can only imagine under a dictatorship. What's so horrific about the idea of coexistence? Why can't Joe the Christian and Amy the Atheist unite as human beings rather than children of God? Yes, there are a few wack job Christians/ect out there that will push their religion on you until the day they die (there are extremists in every group) but for the most part, the general faith based populous is hardly like that at all. When we try to remove their right to belief, we're no better than the zealots that started the crusades or flew two commercial airliners into the twin towers. I personally think that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they wish and I firmly feel that if we tried to accept such an idea, the atheist community would get more acceptance and respect from the rest of the world.

Long intro post, eh?

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Youtube Review - Thunderf00t [22 May 2008|02:40pm]

Of all the people who have made videos on Youtube regarding Young Earth Creation, one of the best out there is Thunderf00t. His video series, "Why Do People Laugh at Creationist" doesn't pull many punches in its attack on the Young Earthers. It is hard to find a favorite in the bunch, they all have their appeal. One of the videos that makes me smile is "Part 7" in which he wtfpwns Kent Hovind. If you want to hear a nice musical tribute to Dr. Hovind, check out this musical video.

I would like to recommend Thunderf00t just for his narrative abilities alone, but his science is pretty wicked to boot. Of late he has had a back and forth with the biggest creation Jabronie on the Tubes, VenomfangX. I get giddy when I hear him eviscerate VFX in his latest videos concerning a proposed "debate".

Go check out Thunderf00t, and give him some Youtube love.

~Stay Rational

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It must be true! [19 Aug 2007|05:25pm]

The Unicorn Museum Billboard Campaign was founded in response to the Creation Museum's insistence that if something is mentioned in the Bible then it is absolutely true.

The Unicorn Museum site points out that unicorns are mentioned at least 9 times in the King James version of the Holy Bible.

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watch [07 Nov 2006|08:57pm]


watch more by clicking this one


omg click add love...

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James Dobson and Da 'Burgh [21 Sep 2006|02:52pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Oh, yeah he's a Minister

Read the Post Gazette article

If that's not blatant political endorsement, I don't know WTF is. Take away
his non-profit status!!

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[16 Jun 2006|09:39pm]
so thanks for answering my questions everyone who did. i go to catholic school and i was wondering if anyone who did go to one thinks that that influence had anything to do with your current beliefs?

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..... [16 Jun 2006|05:01pm]
Okay so I found this community by chance and I decided to join it because it seemed well informed enough. I am not an atheist. I am also not one of those retarded Christians going around preaching Jesus and love. I am Roman Catholic. I found this community very interesting because I have always wondered why people become atheist besides the fact that they questioned their faith, I question mine all the time. I just wonder how you all seem to be fine without Gods presence in your life's. I don't mean to badger you at all, and I assure you that I will not be a member of this community ling( if some of you are annoyed at me for asking questions that I am sure you get all the time). I am just interested.

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ok...this is 3 days late...but..it's late and this has been bugging me... [09 Jun 2006|10:56pm]

ok...so we all know that tuesday was June 6th, 2006...(06-06-06...for those who don't pay attention) and we all know thats a satanic number, blah blah blah, the omen blah blah blah...beastiality blah blah blah...ok so i made the beastiality part up, but just go with me here...

it's tuesday morning, I'm walking to work because i got called in on my day off. I'm listening to my morning radio show and they're playing a clip from a news report done in the town Hell, Michigan. (i think it's michigan...it was 3 days ago...but not the point...) The unofficial mayor rambles to the reporter for a few minutes about several things...basially a combination of satanic souveniers and tourist fluff. towards the end of the interview, the reporter asks if there would be any satan worshippers/ cults coming into town for the day, to which he replied no, but he did say that there would be a group of atheists coming into town from chicago. It sounded as if he were lumping atheists in with devil worshippers, even tho he said himslef that atheists believed in neither god nor satan...but the tone of his voice spoke volumes over the words he was saying...it made me angry...and honestly...what would the purpose be for a group of atheist to go to the 6-6-6 celebration in Hell? i mean, their beliefs and that celebration don't mix...it just confused me...unless perhaps they were going so they could say "ok, this is a city named Hell" this is the only existing "hell"...there is no satan...etc...i just don't know...did anyone else hear/see that particular story?  any thoughts about it in general?

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FIRsT POST [22 May 2006|02:28pm]

Hello fellow atheists, My name is James, I'm 24, from Louisville Kentucky. i live in a fairly progressive city so I don't have many of the problems small town atheists would typically have. Its interesting how that would even make a difference... Anyway, I was raised Roman Catholic, attended Catholic gradeschool and highschool. Since I was 12 I have memories of rejecting what I have been taught and what others have them. My family is very Catholic, but i accept their beliefs and personally I accept them on a personal basis.

There reaches a conflict point when someone you love believes in a fairy tale and you have seen the hate, destruction and fear that comes out of such a belief. I have always wanted to rationally explain the absence of god to people I love but there reaches a point when they refuse to listen. Usually the issue is that the arguement matter is based in scientific/anthropological notions that they have never heard of.

In closing, I think the purpose of Christianity is to erase the humanness of people and to order society into more of an "Orwellian" model. The problem is, I don't even think priests and other religious oficials even understand this anymore. I think it was one of those secrets the founders of civilization understood about humanity that has been long forgotten. So today, the church serves only as a social vice rather than how it did in the middle ages.

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[16 Apr 2006|10:04am]

[ mood | content ]

so happy easter...can i say "bah humbug?" does that apply to any holiday or just to christmas? either way...currently, my family is a t church...i (obviously) am not with them because i talked one of my co-workers into switching with me so i could work today, but i don't start until 11, so here i am. I'm happy and i can relax now because i'm not sitting over there in that building...stress free = nice

even tho i can't stand anything about my former religion, for some reason i found myself sitting in my living room last night watching the old "Ten Commandments" with charlton heston as moses...i just like the movie, heh. But anyway, i found myself wondering something...why didn't their god just raise moses to be pharoah? it seems like he took the long root, letting ramses banish moses to the desert, etc...why not just let him be pharoah then visit him i na dream or something...then moses could smite the egyptians...simple as that...i might just be crazy, but their god (if it existed) sure liked to make them suffer...bondage, 40 years in the desert...geez

and then they came up with this new version...where instead of the servant memnet telling nefertiri moses is a slave when he's 30-ish so that nefertiri won't marry him, memnet tells Bithia (his "adopted" mom to send moses to see where he came from at the age of 9-ish...i stopped watching right then and there...the people who made the new one had absolutely no regard for history...the pharoahs gaurds would never let a young future pharoah wander around amongst slaves...let alone let to be taught about abrahams andbe screamed at by moses' real father...i doubt it....has anyone else seen any of this new one? it's ridiculous.

i'm done rambling now, i think, gotta get to work to avoid any possible easter festivities :P

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George Bush does not care about black people..and his daddy hates atheists [29 Mar 2006|12:28pm]

so i was reading about atheism...and somehow through a series of much wandering and clicking, i wasndered onto this....

"When George Bush was campaigning for the presidency, as incumbent vice-president, one of his stops was in Chicago, Illinois, on August 27, 1987. At O'Hare Airport he held a formal outdoor news conference. There Robert I. Sherman, a reporter for the American Atheist news journal, fully accredited by the state of Illinois and by invitation a participating member of the press corps covering the national candidates, had the following exchange with then-Vice-President Bush.

Sherman: What will you do to win the votes of the Americans who are atheists?

Bush: I guess I'm pretty weak in the atheist community. Faith in God is important to me.

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

Sherman (somewhat taken aback): Do you support as a sound constitutional principle the separation of state and church?

Bush: Yes, I support the separation of church and state. I'm just not very high on atheists."

I was so angry...our country, a country built from people who faced religious persecution in their own countries, who chose to leave their lives because they were tereated unfairly because of what they believed, elected this man into office. Even though he considers anyone who does not believe in god to be unpatriotic and therefore not worthy to be a citizen of the country, we still elected him...we have the separation of church and state to prevent the government from creating a national religion, but somehow it is perfectly ok for our former president to discriminate against those who don't believe in a god...in his eyes, only theists are worthy of being citizens of our country...that blows my mind..i realize that this conversation took place in 1987, so i was barely a year and a half old, but would any one care to share their views on this?

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