Sarah Crue (laoran) wrote in atheists,
Sarah Crue

ok...this is 3 days's late and this has been bugging me... we all know that tuesday was June 6th, 2006...(06-06-06...for those who don't pay attention) and we all know thats a satanic number, blah blah blah, the omen blah blah blah...beastiality blah blah blah...ok so i made the beastiality part up, but just go with me here...

it's tuesday morning, I'm walking to work because i got called in on my day off. I'm listening to my morning radio show and they're playing a clip from a news report done in the town Hell, Michigan. (i think it's was 3 days ago...but not the point...) The unofficial mayor rambles to the reporter for a few minutes about several things...basially a combination of satanic souveniers and tourist fluff. towards the end of the interview, the reporter asks if there would be any satan worshippers/ cults coming into town for the day, to which he replied no, but he did say that there would be a group of atheists coming into town from chicago. It sounded as if he were lumping atheists in with devil worshippers, even tho he said himslef that atheists believed in neither god nor satan...but the tone of his voice spoke volumes over the words he was made me angry...and honestly...what would the purpose be for a group of atheist to go to the 6-6-6 celebration in Hell? i mean, their beliefs and that celebration don't just confused me...unless perhaps they were going so they could say "ok, this is a city named Hell" this is the only existing "hell"...there is no satan...etc...i just don't know...did anyone else hear/see that particular story?  any thoughts about it in general?
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