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Youtube Review - Thunderf00t

Of all the people who have made videos on Youtube regarding Young Earth Creation, one of the best out there is Thunderf00t. His video series, "Why Do People Laugh at Creationist" doesn't pull many punches in its attack on the Young Earthers. It is hard to find a favorite in the bunch, they all have their appeal. One of the videos that makes me smile is "Part 7" in which he wtfpwns Kent Hovind. If you want to hear a nice musical tribute to Dr. Hovind, check out this musical video.

I would like to recommend Thunderf00t just for his narrative abilities alone, but his science is pretty wicked to boot. Of late he has had a back and forth with the biggest creation Jabronie on the Tubes, VenomfangX. I get giddy when I hear him eviscerate VFX in his latest videos concerning a proposed "debate".

Go check out Thunderf00t, and give him some Youtube love.

~Stay Rational
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